I SAW THIS THE OTHER NIGHT ON TV! So the little thing he’s spitting out is a type of plankton that emits a light when it’s threatened by predators. So, the tetra ate it, and it felt threatened, so it emitted this light which the tetra didn’t like (aka didn’t want to be spotted by other predators at night) so it spat it out!

This was on the show Super Senses, which I talked about the other day because it is an excellent nature show!

I’d like to think that Noiz gets really intense about all games, not just Rhyme. Even sports. Especially sports.
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Thanks for all the reblogs, I appreciate it!


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Hola, de donde eres?

De Madrid(:

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Me encanto tu tumblr, saludos :)


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No debemos tener miedo a equivocarnos, hasta los planetas chocan y del caos nacen las estrellas.
- (Charles Chaplin)

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